PPAP Overview


PPAP is one of the most important core tools in the series, because it is the contractual submission for the part over to you from the supplier, or from you to your customer. The challenge is always in the details of such a complicated document, and questions come up like:

  • How should I best review this PPAP to make sure I am seeing the accurate picture?
  • What does a good high quality PPAP submission look like?
  • How can I review this in less time with higher effectiveness?

In this one-day training, we answer these questions and more, both from the supplier submission side, and the perspective of the plant submitting to the customer. This dual perspective makes the course perfect for

  • Supplier Quality Engineers tasked with reviewing and approving PPAP
  • Plant associates responsible for submission of PPAP to the customer
  • Managers looking to see the details behind PPAP to assure that they are getting a realistic high quality PPAP submission into or out of their organisation

Through group activities and scenario analysis, the Organisational multifunctional team, and Supplier Quality Engineers (SQE/STA) will learn how to prepare documentation applicable to the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and evaluate the effectiveness of your suppliers’ Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) by evaluating compliance with PPAP requirements.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the requirements for preparing the PPAP related to IATF and Customer Specific Requirement;
  • Understand and correlate APQP outputs to PPAP requirements:
  • Understand the applicability of PPAP
  • Apply submission and notification rules Understand, prepare and be able to evaluate PPAP requirements

Who Should Attend

  • Engineers, analysts, and other stakeholders responsible for preparing their organisations’ PPAP documentation.
  • Engineers, analysts, and other stakeholders involved in the PPAP analysis of their suppliers (SQE – STA).
  • Engineers, analysts, and other stakeholders involved in the APQP process.


  • Why Prepare and Submit PPAP
  • PPAP & APQP Relationship
  • What is PPAP Process – Introduction
  • When Prepare and Submit PPAP – PPAP Section 1
  • Where do PPAP Requirements come from?
  • PPAP Process Requirements – PPAP Section 2
  • Customer Notification and Submission Requirements – PPAP Section 3
  • Submission to Customer – Levels of Evidence – PPAP Section 4
  • Part Submission Status – PPAP Section 5
  • Record Retention – PPAP Section 6

Course Information

Duration: 0.5 Day

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