AIAG – CQI-18 – Effective Error-Proofing – Hardcopy Manual


AIAG – CQI-18 – Effective Error-Proofing – Hardcopy Manual

LMR Global is an AIAG certifies publication distributor
*LMR Global is an AIAG certified publication distributor.




Effective Error-Proofing is a comprehensive guideline on how to implement change within an organization by moving away from detection oriented quality practices, toward a culture of zero error.

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Product Information
Product Code: CQI-18
Revision: 1
Published Date: March 2011
Document Language: English
Published By: Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG)

Over 30 years ago, AIAG collaborated with the domestic auto manufacturers to develop common quality methods and tools, which became known as the Quality Core Tools. The tools proved so useful that they were adopted by other manufacturing sectors, including aerospace, defence, medical, and pharmaceuticals.

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