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Ontic are a global tier one supplier of over 7000 legacy systems to the world’s largest Aerospace manufacturers. Specialising in low volume, high mix manufacturing, they support over 5,000 customers from 5 sites worldwide.

The Challenge

In 2015 we were suffering the symptoms of a high growth rate that had impacted on our quality control.  This was emphasized when our BSI audit flagged 20 opportunities for improvement – a disappointing outcome.

We needed to make improvements to our procedures, to ensure they reflected how our business had changed with the growth and also retain our customers’ confidence. We felt we needed to look outside our organisation for support and our Quality Manager recommended Leigh from LMR Global, who he’d worked with in a previous role.

What did LMRG do?

Leigh came in to work with us from 2015 focusing on how we could improve our quality management system and processes. Key to this was making sure the system reflected the new challenges our growth had presented.

LMRG worked with key staff to understand those challenges and analysed our current quality management system.

Following the analysis, LMRG presented their findings and recommendations to the senior team. This also involved the roll out and delivery of one-to-one training as well as tailored, specific group training. The focus was on the AS9100, our requirements and the new processes that we needed to have in place. Together we worked on pre audits with the Quality team under LMRG’s guidance.

The outcome

As the whole team have undergone role specific training, we are more confident going into audits, which has resulted in less faults and non-conformance. We have a far stronger quality management system, and we are unrecognisable in terms of our knowledge and preparation since we started working with LMRG. LMRG have got our team and processes back on track and our QMS is a lot more robust with a lot more accountability running through it.

LMRG act as a consultant for the team, they are there for questions and to support us going forward whenever we need them.